Cumnock's TheWayForward2045 say that ultrafast broadband is vital for them to be able to run their business.

The business is one of the thousands of homes and businesses benefiting from ultrafast broadband in Ayrshire.

Across Ayrshire, 27 per cent of households and businesses have moved over to the new gigabit-capable technology network in the areas where it’s available, meaning 73,000 which could upgrade are currently missing out.

Wendy Pring, who founded TheWayForward2045 with son James, has ambitious plans for its future - and full fibre broadband is an essential part of bringing those to fruition.

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"I wouldn't have founded the business without fibre," Wendy explained. "The fact that the premises had access to fibre was a gamechanger - we can go ahead with our plans for the future.

"If you don't have fast internet speeds and fibre, it's the same as having deficient capital. You can't create the customer experience, especially for young people who want a good internet service.

"The need for us to have fibre is huge, predominantly for customer experience. We require massive amounts of connectivity for it to go smoothly."

Wendy wants to use the internet to make services more accessible to customers, using innovative techniques to engage with them and explain the environmental impact of their choices.

Taking advantage of their network capabilities, the business now operates a Click-and-Collect catalogue, that allows you all to view their product range and pay over the phone to save time.

You can do this via WhatsApp on 07425 450903.

"Fibre increases productivity and allows us to move the business forward faster," Wendy added.

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Councillor Douglas Reid, leader of East Ayrshire Council and chair of the Ayrshire Economic Joint Committee, added: "We're encouraged by the great progress being made by this Openreach investment programme in Ayrshire.

“With the growth in home working, the huge number and variety of rural businesses and the demands on everyone from farmers to school pupils to use broadband, it's clear that people of all ages, whether working, studying or keeping in touch with their health services families and friends in retirement, need good, reliable broadband.

“It's vital that no demographic or geographic area is left behind if we are to build a stronger, more prosperous and fairer economy. We will continue to support Openreach as it continues work to give local people access to the best that broadband can offer."