A SEX offender who assaulted a woman at Christmas while his then partner was sleeping upstairs has dodged jail for the drunk attack.

Scott Hainey, 53, was put on the sex offenders register for two years after pleading guilty to assaulting the woman in Patna in the early hours of Boxing Day back in 2021.

A not guilty plea to a second charge was accepted by prosecutors.

Hainey avoided custody for the assault but was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work when he returned to court last week [Thursday, March 2].

He will also be under supervision by the authorities as a sex offender for two years.

The procurator fiscal depute told Ayr Sheriff Court: “The locus of the offence was [the complainer’s] home address. It occurred in the living room.

“All parties who were present in the house stayed up late. The accused was under the influence of alcohol as were others.”

After Hainey’s partner fell asleep upstairs in the early hours, the court heard he seized the victim by the body.

The fiscal depute continued: “As she passed the accused, he grabbed her with both hands, pulling her close.

“He moved his hands up and down her body and grabbed her [privates] over her clothes. He tried kissing her but she managed to avoid this.”

The prosecutor said the complainer could tell Hainey was aroused by what he was doing.

“She managed to break free and walked across the room,” he continued.

On his partner later learning of the attack, he added: "This incident caused their separation.

“Nothing was said for a number of months but in October the matter was reported to police.”

“He was cautioned and charged and made no reply.”

When he returned to court last week Defence solicitor John Gallagher said: “He is single and currently unemployed. He has no other matters outstanding.

“It’s a situation where he pled guilty on the basis he accepts the account of the complainer while he has no recollection of the matters.

“I understand [the social work report] took the view there was some avoidance. That is not the case; there is no reluctance.

“Ultimately he pled guilty and takes responsibility. There is nothing analogous in his record, only road traffic matters.

“Mr Hainey certainly appreciates this is a serious matter.”

Sheriff Siobhan Connolly said: “Having considered the matter carefully This was the type of offence that could result in a custodial sentence.

“I take account of your record and there being no similar offending in the past. You will be placed on a community payback order, with a requirement for unpaid work, and will be on supervision for two years.”

Hainey was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, reduced from 200 because of his plea.

A review of his progress will take place in June.

150 hours reduced from 200.

“You will have a review in three months time make sure you are engaging.

“You will be subject to the notification requirement in terms of the [Sexual Offences] act for two years.

“You will be subject to supervision it’s important you engage.”

He will return to court for his review later in the year.