A yellow weather warning is in place for snow and ice across Ayrshire this week, with potential for side effects.

The Met Office warning says that snowfall and ice is possible from between 3am on Thursday morning (March 9) until 6pm on Friday evening (March 10).

Heavy snowfall is possible for this time as well, with disruption to be expected.

The warning adds: "There is a small chance that long delays and cancellations on bus, rail and air travel could occur.

"There is a slight chance that roads may become blocked by deep snow, with many stranded vehicles and passengers.

"There is a small chance that communities could be cut off for several days.

"There is a small chance that long interruptions to power supplies and other services, such as gas, water, telephone and mobile phone coverage, may occur."

The Met Office website has tips and advice on how to deal with this weather, including what to if you need to drive somewhere and what to do in the event of a powercut.


Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning of heavy snow that could cause disruption across Ayrshire between 0700hrs...

Posted by Ayrshire Police Division on Wednesday, 8 March 2023