Drivers will be in for more delays later this month as Howford Bridge works will begin once again.

Northbound works took place last year and were completed just before Christmas, after being delayed a number of times.

Now southbound work will begin later this month, and will last for around five weeks. However, this is weather dependent.

Preparation works took place on the bridge at the start of the year, as drivers vented their frustrations at the seemingly never-ending temporary traffic lights on the road.

Now, work will once again take place on the road from Monday, February 27 until Friday, April 7.

A spokesperson for Amey said: "Phase two of bridge deck repairs on the A76 at Howford Bridge are programmed to commence on Monday February 27, 2023.

"The repairs to the southbound carriageway are programmed to complete on Friday, April 7 2023. Phase one of repairs to the northbound carriageway were completed in December 2022.

"This maintenance is weather dependent and may be postponed or extended if weather conditions are unfavourable."