Support is being offered to an adopted Cumnock man whose family have been affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

Alican Kaplan is a local businessman, who owns the very popular takeaway 'The Best Marmaris' in the town's square.

A catastophic earthquake hit near the border of Turkey and Syria last week, with the death total at around 35,000 people.

Having moved to Cumnock from Turkey, Alican still has many family and friends back home, who have been affected by this awful incident.

Sadly, Alican has learned of friends that have died in the earthquake, and family members of his have been left to sleep in cars as a result.

To raise funds for Alican to support his family, former Cumnock Academy teacher and current Cumnock Juniors youth coach, Steven Kelly is planning to walk the 44 miles of the River Ayr.

Cumnock Chronicle: Alican has been a huge supporter of the youth team, and Steven wants to give back (Image: Cumnock Juniors 2016s)Alican has been a huge supporter of the youth team, and Steven wants to give back (Image: Cumnock Juniors 2016s) (Image: Cumnock Juniors 2016s)

Steven said: "Having taught Alican, when he first arrived from Turkey, at Cumnock Academy I have gotten to know both he and his family very well, over the years.

"Most recently, Alican sponsored my Cumnock Juniors 2016s football team's new away kit. He is a gentleman and will do anything to help anyone.

"His native Turkey was hit very hard with the earthquakes disaster and some Alican's family and friends were sadly killed or injured.

"Having reached out to him, he made it very clear the severity of the situation with many people homeless and in desperate need of aid."

Steven said he has spoken with Alican, who had this to say: "Lots of my friends are dead and my family need to sleep in the car and [it's] getting worse.

"I am trying to help my people in Turkey. There's not even one house left to stay, they’re all sleeping in the car and streets and I am trying. If you or your friends are able to help me help my family, and if you and your friends are able to help me, there’s only one way and it’s money if you trust me".

Steven added: "Let's raise as much money as we can to help his cause.

"I plan to tackle the 44 miles River Ayr Walk, over the course of three consecutive days in April 2023.

"I hope to raise as much money as I can to present to Alican in support of his family and friends."

You can support the efforts here.