Sorn Inn's owner has apologised for any inconvenience caused by the restaurant's impromptu closure last year.

The restaurant will soon reopen, but a number of people in the village are unhappy with the occupiers.

The restaurant announced back in November that it would be 'hibernating' during winter and would be reopening in the spring.

It was then listed for sale at the beginning of this year, before announcing last week that it would be opening its doors again, while still on the market.

Posting on its Facebook page, Sorn Inn said they would be offering a "fine-dining experience".

The post received heavy backlash from angry locals, some of whom had booked Christmas dinners cancelled at the restaurant, with "a lack of communication" surrounding the mystery.

Many negative comments have since been removed from the post, with commenting now limited on the Sorn Inn's Facebook content.

One resident said: "I realise it's been a tough time, but we had a Christmas booking there and we didn't get told anything about it and then we've had no luck getting anything from them since.

"Sorn is a wee place, so you don't want to go upsetting too many people, because everyone knows everyone.

"The lack of communication and then to stop any negative comments on Facebook is what is getting a lot of people's backs up".

The Sorn Inn is currently still on the market at offers of £495,000 for the freehold going concern.

Owner David Miller said he regrets any issues that have been caused by the closure.

He told the Chronicle: "I apologise for any inconvenience caused by closing and if anyone missed their bookings.

"We announced in November that we would be closing and we tried to contact everyone who had a booking to let them know about the arrangements.

"We're still learning and it's been a tough few years for the business.

"We're glad to be reopening back up this weekend for Valentine's Day and then we'll open next week, right through until the summer, or until the sale situation is sorted out".