A huge diversion will be in place for drivers going through Sanquhar tonight and tomorrow night.

Road workers, Amey, are carrying out resurfacing work on the A76 between Blackaddie Road and Church Road, leading to the lengthy diversion.

Work will take place from 7pm tonight (January 30) until 6am tomorrow, and from 7pm tomorrow night until 6am on Wednesday, February 1.

This is phase two of resurfacing work in Sanquhar, which has been rescheduled following its postponement before Christmas due to adverse weather. Phase one was completed in December 2022.

Separate drainage work is also taking place in Sanquhar, between Sanquhar Library and Sanquhar Tolbooth.

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However, this is not affected by the diversion.

This scheme will hope to benefit around 3,755 vehicles using this route each day, by improving the condition of the carriageway and reducing the need for more extensive maintenance in the future.

The resurfacing work will be carried out using overnight road closures between Church Road and Blackaddie Road and a signed diversion will be in place.

The signed diversion will operate as follows:


Traffic will leave the A76, turn right onto the C133N Holestane Road near Drumlanrig Castle, then turn left onto the A702 north of Carronbridge and continue north to Abington services roundabouts. Traffic will then join the B7078 and continue to Millbank, turn left onto the A70 Ayr Road east to Cumnock to re-join the A76 at Dettingen Roundabout.


Traffic will exit at Dettingen Roundabout onto the A70 through Cumnock to the B7078 and then proceed to Abington Services, before taking the A702 south to Carronbridge. Traffic wishing to head north on the A76 will be directed south to Thornhill roundabout where they will be able to turn and travel north.