Cumnock bus station has once again been targeted by vandals, as seats at the area were ripped out.

Last year, several panes of glass were destroyed, causing them to have to be replaced.

The same thing happened back in 2021, with Cumnock Community Council (CCC) member, Michael McPake keen to highlight to anti-social behaviour going on at the station.

The bus station reopened back in Augist 2020, after a major refurbishment.

Dedicated CCTV linked directly to East Ayrshire Council's risk management centre was installed at the station, in the hope of deterring any vandalism.

However, it appears like the vandals have found a way to avoid detection

The seats have since been replaced, but locals are concerned by how frequent this incidents are happening.

Work was only carried out at the end of last year to replace broken glass, lighting issues and old bins in the area, in the hope of making it a more welcoming area for people on the bus.

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Mr McPake pointed out the endless list of vandalism that has taken place in the area, and said he is keen for people to stand up for Cumnock.

He said: "What a mess. Vandalism everywhere you look.

"The bus station is an eyesore. Vandalised, glass all over the place and the dirt is dripping of the walls. 

"There's the sign post that's supposed to point you in the direction of local places of interest, park, shops, museum etc...more like a sign for a mystery tour. It's just been plonked in the ground and left there.

"From the town centre to the bus station there are signs of vandalism all along the route.

"Vandalised CCC noticeboard again, five times now.

"Graffiti, shop windows smashed, vandalism to the Chinese takeaway, broken glass all over the place."

Cumnock Chronicle: Seats appear to have been ripped out and thrown away (Images: Michael Mcpake)Seats appear to have been ripped out and thrown away (Images: Michael Mcpake) (Image: Michael Mcpake)

He added: "One of my biggest complaints and to be honest mysteries is the fact that the police station is so close and yet the vandalism continues.

"As for the CCTV, nobody has yet proved to me that it's manned or remotely operated.

"I live next to the bus station and see its destruction every day, first hand."

​A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police in Cumnock are carrying out enquiries into two reports of vandalism at a bus station, reported in August 2022 and January 2023 respectively.

"Officers will be carrying out additional patrols in the local area, in cooperation with our partners in the local authority, to address the matter and provide community reassurance.”

Cumnock and New Cumnock councillor Neill Watts said the seats had been repaired by Tuesday afternoon.

Cllr Watts said: “Following the damage to the Cumnock Bus Station seating over the weekend, I can confirm that this morning Ayrshire Roads Alliance undertook the repairs to the damaged seats and to make the area safe.

“The incident is also being reviewed on the bus station CCTV, which will be passed to the police in due course.

“Ayrshire Roads Alliance is also in the process of arranging a public address system to be installed.

“This will be used to speak to prospective culprits and try to mitigate future damage to the area.

“A big thank you to the Ayrshire Roads Alliance team for their rapid response in getting these seats fixed quickly.”