A young Cumnock Juniors warrior returned to action at the weekend after battling through four brain surgeries last year.

Lewis Kay, who plays for the 2016s team, had been in hospital for just over two months last year after complaining about headaches.

After a series of scans and tests, Lewis was transferred from Crosshouse Hospital to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

Further tests revealed that Lewis was suffering from a bacterial infection which had started in his sinuses and travelled up to his brain.

After his first operation, Lewis seemed to have recovered, before a setback just over a week later.

Dad, Stuart and mum, Joanne were in Glasgow with Lewis every step of the way.

After a total of four brain surgeries and two sinus surgeries, the six-year-old was able to be released from hospital in August.

Cumnock Chronicle: The number 5 back in action at the weekend (Image: Cumnock Juniors 2016s)The number 5 back in action at the weekend (Image: Cumnock Juniors 2016s) (Image: Cumnock Juniors 2016s)

"After his operations he [Lewis] lost the feeling and movement in his right hand side," Stuart Kay said.

"The infection was in the left part of his brain, so that affected the right hand side of him.

"He didn't really have any strength in that side, so we had to build that back up when he was still in hospital.

"The second operation he had caused seizures as well, so that's what caused him to lose the feeling.

"He's still on seizure medication, but the doctor said he can now start to come off that".

Lewis' release was just in time for him to surprise his fellow teammates and coaches at a presentation evening in Cumnock, with emotions flying everywhere that night.

Lewis' dad, Stuart says it is all about easing his son back into football, given all he has been through.

The journey back culminated in Lewis taking part in a series of competitive fun 4s matches at The Barony Sports Hall on Sunday morning.

"He's had a phased return back into school as well," Stuart added.

"We had a consultant appointment a few weeks back and he got the all clear, so he's been back getting into that again.

Cumnock Chronicle: Lewis bravely on his birthday in hospital (Image: Stuart Kay)Lewis bravely on his birthday in hospital (Image: Stuart Kay) (Image: NQ Archive)

"He checks himself before he goes and does anything, so it's about building that confidence back up as well.

"He was getting stuck in and making the tackles when he got back to the football so that was good.

"He's such a strong and resilient wee man and we're proud of him for what he's been through,"