Plans have been lodged with East Ayrshire Council to tranform the use of an Ayr Road flat in Cumnock.

The application, submitted by Mr Usma Mukhtar on behalf of Cumnock Islamic Welfare Association (CIWA), would see the flat changed into an Islamic welfare centre.

No major refurbishment would be required for the new centre, according to the terms of the application.

CIWA sent a supporting letter with the application to East Ayrshire Council.

In the letter, they cite the benefits it could have for everyone from all backgrounds in the area.

They said: "We feel the community centre would be a huge benefit for the town.

"Cumnock has become a multi-faith society, and at the moment there is nowhere for Muslims to be able to socialise and pray.

"By offering a community centre, it will allow and welcome people from all religions and backgrounds to have a safe environment where they can express themselves freely.

"The centre would be open to everyone and a great way for allowing the community to have a greater tolerance and understanding or the beliefs of others in Cumnock."

They added: "Furthermore, this will be an excellent space to help people, in particular Muslims, socialise and support those suffering with their mental health due to feeling enclosed and deprived of not having an Islamic Community Centre to go to.

"The timings of the Islamic community centre would mainly be during the day, so disruption to the neighbours would be minimal.

"This particular location has ample public parking close by and is central with excellent public transport links.

"There will also be a team of volunteers who will be on duty at all times ensuring the day to day running of the centre."

Ayrshire Roads Alliance, a statutory consultee, says it has no obejections to the plans.

Neighbours in nearby flats and shops on Ayr Road and Glaisnock Street have also been made aware of the proposals.

You can view the full details on the East Ayrshire Council website.