Plans have been lodged for 20 new houses to be built on vacant land in Catrine.

Applicant Highstreet Architects want to build the new homes on the land on Newton Street, opposite the entrance to Catrine cemetery.

The same applicants had plans for 10 detached and semi-detached homes on the same site turned down by East Ayrshire Council last August.

The authority’s planning department said at the time that the firm’s application “on the whole, fails to comply with the East Ayrshire Local Development Plan”.

Neighbours close to the plans have been alerted to the proposals, which has a current deadline of February 4.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance responded to the application, saying that a number of steps would need to be taken beforehand, including the possible installation of a new footpath along the road.

They said: "Prior to the commencement of any development on site a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) shall be submitted and approved by Planning Authority with the consultation with The Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

"A two metre wide footway will be provided over the frontage of the development, this footway will link to the existing/new footway section on the B713 on the adjacent development.

"The existing two metre footway on the link from the B713 to Gordon Street will be fully resurfaced with spot kerb replacement.

"Street lighting will require to be extended along the B713 fronting the development. A design should be submitted for review."

Scottish Water also laid out a number of factors that would need to be considered before going ahead with the development.

They said: "Scottish Water has no objection to this planning application; however, the applicant should be aware that this does not confirm that the proposed development can currently be serviced.

"For reasons of sustainability and to protect our customers from potential future sewer flooding, Scottish Water will not accept any surface water connections into our combined sewer system.

"There may be limited exceptional circumstances where we would allow such a connection for brownfield sites only, however this will require significant justification from the customer taking account of various factors including legal, physical, and technical challenges."

The full application can be viewed on the East Ayrshire Council website.