Residents in Cumnock have vented their frustration after plans emerged that public toilets could be closed as the council look to cut costs.

East Ayrshire Council says it's having to find £8 million in cuts and savings over the next year.

The impact of Covid, skyrocketing energy prices and the overall cost-of-living crisis has heaped pressure on all councils, something that East Ayrshire bosses have regularly acknowledged.

Revealed: Where East Ayrshire plans to make savings in £8m budget cuts bid

According to plans, the council could look to save £50,000 by closing the existing public toilets at Tanyard in Cumnock.

In its place would be an automated toilet currently located at Kilmarnock's Foregate.

Locals are split on the potential move, with fears that the toilet could be forgotten about and often closed, as it had been in Kilmarnock on occasions.

One said: "It could be a good move if the toilet is accessible.

"You see these toilets around a lot of places and often they are left with no supervision and they're closed more often and not.

"The toilets don't seem to get used that much, so if it cuts costs then I suppose it's a safe way to do so".

But another resident commented: "It just seems like another cheap way to save a few quid.

"Will this mean that somebody will be out of a job if there's not much maintenance needed for this toilet?

"Will they need to knock down the existing building before placing the new tilet in its place?

"It just seems like an awful lot of hassle to save a bit of money."

In a report to the cabinet, chief financial officer Joe McLachlan stated: “It must be stressed that the process of identifying options to close the budget gap has been a difficult and challenging process for services and budget holders.

“The engagement process will seek the views and comments of our residents and businesses and will play an important part in informing the Council’s future decision making.”

A consultation on how to cut costs is available on the East Ayrshire Council website.