Although many of us don't like the cold weather, it always gives talented photographers the perfect opportunity to capture some stunning pics.

We asked our readers to send in their best snaps featuring the cold and ice, and it's fair to say you didn't disappoint.

Entries came in all forms, including local lochs, woodlands and even some furry pets featuring.

We've selected some of our favourites, and we're sure you'll love them as well.

Fred Dickson

Cumnock Chronicle: Fred DicksonFred Dickson (Image: NQ Archive)

Fred Dickson captured his lovely (possibly cold) companion out braving the weather.

Jennifer Ford

Cumnock Chronicle: Jennifer FordJennifer Ford (Image: NQ Archive)

Jennifer Ford captured the sun on the horizon with a field of snow.

Jim Lorimer

Cumnock Chronicle: Jim LorimerJim Lorimer (Image: NQ Archive)

Jim Lorimer snapped the frosty water with the sun shining. Would you go for a dip in here?

Lee Sym

Cumnock Chronicle: Lee SymLee Sym (Image: NQ Archive)

Lee Sym's image would be perfect for a canvas on your wall.

Neil Wilks

Cumnock Chronicle: Neil WilksNeil Wilks (Image: NQ Archive)

Neil Wilks with a fabulous image of New Cumnock with the Corsencon Hill.

Sharon Blackmore

Cumnock Chronicle: Sharon BlackmoreSharon Blackmore (Image: NQ Archive)

Sharon Blackmore with a wonderful pic from Galloway Forrest near Loch Doon.

Sheena Blackmore

Cumnock Chronicle: Sheena BlackmoreSheena Blackmore (Image: NQ Archive)

Sheena Blackmore's furry friend also got out to enjoy the fresh air and ice.

Tracey Denny-Photography

Cumnock Chronicle: Tracey Denny-PhotographyTracey Denny-Photography (Image: NQ Archive)

Tracey Denny-Photography with a gloriously clear snap of the loch. Who doesn't love a reflective shot?

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.