A YOB who broke a window at his mum’s home after shouting and swearing and demanding to be let in has been ordered to keep his nose clean for the next six months.

Kyle Allison, 26, lashed out at the property in Merrick Drive, Bellsbank on July 12 last year following a drunken falling-out with his father.

The procurator fiscal depute told Ayr Sheriff Court last week that Allison’s mother was woken by her son at 12.15am, banging the windows and demanding entry.

The prosecutor added: “He was refused entry and continued shouting, stating: “You’ll f***ing know about it’.

“She then heard a bang and a smash. The accused appeared under the influence and walked away.”

Allison’s solicitor said that at the time of the incident his client was spending a lot of time at his father’s home, which the lawyer described as “a toxic arrangement” – but that Allison, of Riecawr Avenue, had stopped drinking and was no longer speaking to his father.

Sentence was deferred until July for Allison to be of good behaviour.

When he appeared in court last week, the Procurator Fiscal depute said: “At 12.15am the accused attended the driveway of his mother’s address then proceeded to bang the windows.

“She woke up and observed the accused in the garden asking for access to the property.

“Police were contacted at 9.30am but were unsuccessful tracing the accused.”

His defence solicitor said: “At the time of the offence he was spending a lot of time at his father’s. It was a toxic arrangement spent a lot of time drinking heavily. There was an argument due to the level of intoxication.

“Things have moved on presently he has got on top of alcohol and hasn’t drunk at all.

“He is deemed a suitable candidate for a community-based disposal. He is no longer speaking to his father.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie said: “You have got a bit of a record. Prove to me you can stay out of trouble.

“We will see you back in sixth months for good behaviour.”

Allison, of Riecawr Avenue, Bellsbank, will return to court later in the year.