MUIRKIRK Enterprise Group has become the latest beneficiary of East Ayrshire Council's community defibrillator initiative.

Jupiter Play, who excel in outdoor activites for people of all ages, kindly donated the machine to the group.

The life-saving device will become another great addition to the community and fits with the group’s vision of improving the physical appearance of the village, encouraging tourists and visitors, increasing employment opportunities, improving community safety and creating a community where people want to live.

Jupiter Play are proud to have worked with East Ayrshire Council for some time in developing and creating some wonderful play facilities and are pleased to be able to contribute to Community Initiatives which will benefit the wider community.

This unique initiative, devised by the Council’s Health and Safety Service and Procurement, encourages local contractors to donate life-saving equipment for distribution within the communities where they are undertaking work, as part of their obligations to provide wider local community benefits during the life of their contract with the Council.

Muirkirk Juniors also benefitted from the scheme last month, after being donated a machine by Tivoli.

The council also have a full list of locations of current defibrillators in East Ayrshire, how to register your defibrillator and information on how to use and maintain the equipment. This can be found on the East Ayrshire Council website.

Applications are welcomed from any community groups and clubs based in East Ayrshire who would like to benefit from this equipment.