King Charles III will feature on a special ITV programme next week, which focuses on how he saved Dumfries House.

King Charles' Grand Green Design' will look at how the run-down estate on which the Palladian mansion stands was bought for the nation by a consortium led by the then Prince of Wales.

A year later, it was opened to the public, who were impressed by its huge collection of Chippendale furniture; it’s gone on to host everything from fashion shows to fitness classes and weddings.

But the work hasn’t stopped, as this programme reveals – and the King himself, who once described the house as 'an appaling risk', still has big plans, despite his new role.

The hour-long programme will air on ITV on Wednesday, November 30 at 9pm, and provides an insight into the King's love of the project.

According to a report in OK! magazine, the King says: “I knew if we hadn’t stepped in and saved it, somebody would have bought it and said they had a great idea, you know for golf courses and things and it would never have worked, so, it would have joined the list of yet more derelict country houses.

“The buildings we’ve built, a lot of them have been done by students, live build, learning.

"Sustainability, all of that agenda is critical here because there’s a lot of engineering skills, for instance, we are trying to help develop, working on the STEM educational side and the vocational side in order to make this area as a great example of how you can create new businesses and jobs in the green economy.

The King had also previously stated: “Dumfries House has a very special place in my heart for all sorts of reasons, and I look forward to working for many more years within this wider community and beyond in continued effort to do what I can to help in this part of Scotland.”