No instances of wrongful burials have been reported in East Ayrshire in the past decade, according to the council.

Reports from some parts of the UK revealed that some families had to endure the horror of finding out that their loved ones had been buried in the wrong grave.

One story in Durham told how a family had spent 17 years visiting the wrong grave.

It was later revealed that a further seven families in the area had also been visiting a grave that they thought their relative had been buried in, only to find out someone else had been buried in their place.

However, after a Freedom of Information request submitted to East Ayrshire Council by the Chronicle, it has been revealed that no East Ayrshire residents have thankfully had to go through a similar ordeal.

EAC was asked: "Over the past 10 years, how many reports has the council logged of coffins/bodies buried in the wrong plot? Please breakdown by year and in each case, provide the names of the burial site the remains were originally interred at."

There were no cases of this reported.

This meant that no compensation had to be paid to families as a result of wrongful burials, nor had any exhumations taken place.