Unhappy residents in Catrine and Mauchline have taken exception to a warning that patients could be removed from a local GP practice's list for abusive behaviour to staff.

The Ballochmyle Medical Group took to social media to share the warning after they said employees had been receiving increased levels of abuse.

Included in the warning was the threat of removal from the practice, if levels of abuse becamse too intense.

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With practices in Mauchline and Catrine, the GPs' statement has appeared to irk some people in the areas.

One person told the Chronicle: "I don't condone abuse toward people doing their jobs by any stretch, but there is more than just their side to the story.

"It's so hard to keep your cool when you're being told medical advice down the phone by someone who hasn't even been trained.

"That's if you can even get through to them on the phone in the first place.

"I get that the past two years have put a strain on them, but I think that they might be stringing the Covid excuse out a bit too much now.

"If they got back to doing what they did before Covid then people would be getting seen in a timely manner and then nobody would be getting wound up and then no staff would be getting abuse."