An exclusion zone has been set up around part of an unstable roof at the Barony Campus in Cumnock to protect staff and pupils.

The section of roofing on the campus's biomass building became unstable due to high winds last week.

Red and white tape can be seen attached to metal fencing close to the fault, with the cordon set to stay in place until repairs are completed.

The biomass sytem at the new school has been hailed as a game-changer, due to how energy efficient it can be.

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One concerned resident said that any nearby children could have been badly hurt, had they been close enough to it.

An East Ayrshire Council spokesperson said that the area is not readily accessible to the public, but an exclusion zone has been set up as a precaution.

They said: "On Friday, November 11 high winds caused a section of flue for the biomass to detach from its fixings.

"This section then fell onto the roof of the adjacent sprinkler tank which, fortunately, caused little damage.

"The area of the Campus where the energy centre is situated is not readily accessible to children, young people or the wider public and is remote from the school building, play areas and car park.

"However, an exclusion zone was created immediately around this area of the energy centre and will remain in place until the repairs are completed."

Morrison Construction, who built the campus, have also been contacted for comment.