Crawick Multiverse has been named on the a list of 30 must-see attractions across the globe.

Global travel authority Lonely Planet unveiled its top destinations to visit next year with the release of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023.

The annual hot list of trending destinations predicts where to go in the year ahead, featuring 30 must-visit locations around the world.

Crawick Multiverse, located just outside Sanquhar, is an amazing land art installation that lets you learn about cosmology, science and art.

It's also the perfect place to enjoy a nice walk with the dog, friends or family.

The attraction is described as "other-worldly" on the 'Learn' section of the list. 

A Lonely Planet '7-day circuit guide to southern Scotland' also featured the Multiverse, describing it as "a weird and wonderful 55-acre land-art installation inspired by science, space and the stars".

Other attractions on the list include places in New Mexico, USA, Alaska, South Africa and Australia.