Robert Burns Academy (RBA) pupils and staff will race their way through a famous Scottish event in aid of charity.

Up to 40 staff, students, friends and parents /guardians have agreed to take part in the Great Scottish Run to raise vital funds for Alzheimer Scotland.

The idea was cooked up by popular supply teacher at the school, Bernard Shepherd.

Mr Shepherd has battled through many fund-raising events throughout his teaching career, all for a range of different charities.

His first venture into a running event came back in 2011, when his 30-year-old son took his own life, leading to an event being held in his honour for Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Mind.

Robert Burns Academy pupils enjoying a run on the astroturf pitches at the school ahead of the Great Scottish RunRBA officially opened in 2020.

"My first ever run was for him [Mr Shepherd's son] and for SAMH and Mind," said the RBA teacher.

"Then a teacher I worked with had a stroke, so I ran for the Stoke Association, so being involved in the running started from my son."

The first time he got pupils and staff involved was after Mr Shepherd lost his wife and sister to cancer and, while working at St Joseph's Academy in Kilarmnock, he got a 40-strong team on board for Cancer Research.

Now sights have been set on completing the Great Scottish Run on Sunday, October 2, with a bus leaving Cumnock at around 7.20am to take the competitors to the race.

This time the focus was on Alzheimer Scotland due to a karate training partner of Bernard Shepherd being diagnosed with the disease.

Robert Burns Academy pupils enjoying a run on the astroturf pitches at the school ahead of the Great Scottish RunMr Shepherd took on a challenge for the charity earlier this year.

The Cumnock-based teacher raised money for the charity earlier this year, and he was keen to get more funds going this time around.

"For a woman in her 60s it's such a shame what's happened," Mr Shepherd added.

"I did the challenge earlier this year so I want to try and get as much as I can this time as well."

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With the group now gearing up to take on the challenge, Mr Shepherd says there should be no limit on how much they can achieve through this fundraising effort.

He added: "Within the first week of putting the page up, there was a few hundred pounds in it.

"I put an original target of £1,000 on it, but I don't see any reason why we can't get past that.

"It's a great big team that's taking part and it's for a great cause, so hopefully more people can get behind us and support us."

Currently the JustGiving page stands at £800. You can support it here.