A Cumnock beautician has said that trying her hand at something new is scary but exciting.

Carolyn Crawford has been in the beauty and make-up industry for a number of years.

After closing her shop in Cumnock Lugar Street during lockdown, Carolyn took her skills into her outbuilding at her home in Forbes Avenue.

Carolyn's studio and Carolyn winning an award (inset)Glam Beauty by Carolyn

Now she has had a license approved from East Ayrshire Council for Skin Piercing and Tattooing, meaning Carolyn will now be branching into semi-permament tattoo make-up.

"I'm in the middle of training my daughter up as well. She left school and went to college so she's going to be joining in once she's learned everything she needs to" Carolyn said.

Carolyn's new venture is effective immediately, and she has already had many customers ringing her up to book in.

"It's absolutely fantastic the support I've had already, I couldn't have imagined it going like this" Carolyn added.

Carolyn's studio and Carolyn winning an award (inset)Carolyn's daughter, Cady recently passed her Semi Permanent Lashes course

"It's customers who are coming back from the beauty side of things, but I've also had a lot of new people coming to me through word of mouth.

"You can post what you want on social media and stuff, but I don't think you can replicate having a chat with somebody about something."

Given the cost of living situation and a rise in energy bills, Carolyn could've been forgiven for being put off of the idea of moving into a new business venture.

After wondering whether she had made the correct decision throughout the process, Carolyn is now in no doubt that she has made the correct move.

Carolyn's studio and Carolyn winning an award (inset)'Where the magic happens'

She added: "I did think because people are stuggling with bills and stuff that this might not be the right time to do this, but the support I've had has made my mind up that it's been the right choice.

"I constantly want to learn and initially it wasn't in my mind. But as I started getting things ready for it, I thought again about whether I'd made the right choice, but it's not affected me at all.

"My clients are absolutely terrific, I really couldn't ask for a better client base."

As well as Carolyn's new route, she is also a recently qualified educator, and she will be offering training in all aspects of beauty and holistic therapy.

More information can be found on the Glam Beauty by Carolyn Facebook page.