A charity has warned that more than 100 online sex crimes will be committed against children in Scotland every month the Online Safety Bill is delayed.

The NSPCC said its analysis of Police Scotland crime data found that online child sexual abuse offences had more than doubled over the last decade.

It said 1,298 indecent image offences and crimes of communicating indecently with a child were logged in the year to March, up from 543 offences 10 years ago.

A victim of online abuse, who was first targeted a decade ago aged 13, said it was “sickening that since then the number of young people being abused online has grown dramatically”.

“Being groomed has had a horrific impact on my life and I want no other young person to endure that,” ‘Frida’ told the charity.

“I know this delay to the Online Safety Bill will see more young people like me experience harm when it could have been prevented, and that is devastating.”

Sir Peter Wanless, NSPCC chief executive, said: “With every second the clock ticks by on the Online Safety Bill, an ever-growing number of children and families face the unimaginable trauma of preventable child abuse.”

The Bill was set to be passed in the House of Commons last week, but was put on hold until a new prime minister is appointed.

A UK Government spokesman said: “Child sexual abuse is a horrific crime. We are leaving no stone unturned to prevent and pursue offenders and keep children safe online and in our communities across the UK and around the world.

“The Online Safety Bill is a key measure in this regard.”