The Netherthird Community Development Group is a prime example of how a community can come together for the greater good, according to MSP Sharon Dowey.

The Ayrshire MSP visited the Netherthird Community Centre recently to see all if has to offer.

Comprising of a community charity shop, a community food larder, a cafe, and a gym, the community centre also recently finished two new care rooms in an effort to combat mental health issues in the community.

These rooms can be hired out to members of the public in order to combat social isolation.

The 2.5-acre Community Garden also offers an outdoor area for people to come together but it also teaches them skills they need to find work.

They can practice skills such as grass cutting, hedge trimming, gardening, and plant cultivation, and also grow fruit and vegetables, which are distributed to the community and any spare goes to the Community Larder.

Grown plants are being sold to generate additional funds.

Pleasantly surprised by all the centre had to offer, Ms Dowey describe it as a ‘community hub’.

She said: “The Netherthird Community Development Group is a great example of how a local organisation can make a difference in their community.

“I’ve been shown around the Community Centre and Community Gardens and I could feel the community spirit in all they do. Many people have already benefited from their work in overcoming social isolation and learning new skills that have helped them find employment.

“It’s important to acknowledge the positive impact they continue to have in people’s lives.

“Thank you to Margaret and Sylvia for introducing me to all of their volunteers and showing me around Netherthird Community Centre and Netherthird Community Gardens. Couldn’t have picked a nicer day!”