A GROUP of Ayrshire fund-raisers have brought in more than £11,000 for one of the area’s best-known charities – simply by walking.

The Striders raised £11,434.82 for Ayrshire Hospice in the course of a single month.

Throughout June the striders walked a total of 100 kilometres to raise the five figure sum.

An Ayrshire Hospice spokesperson said: “The group was buzzing, sharing their daily updates, passion, motivation and support with each other.

“Now the kilometres have been walked and fund-raising pages closed, we can announce that our striders raised an amazing £11,434.82.

“Thank you to everyone for their hard work and dedication!”

In other fund-raising activities, Ayrshire Hospice staff at the charity’s sites in Ayr and Irvine raised £1,257 for the organisation with their “Royal Ramble” event which commemorated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

A separate “summer draw” in the popular Ayrshire Hospice Lottery raised a further £13,000 with a top prize of a £5,000 going to one lucky winner who bought the winning ticket.

For more information on the charity and to find out how you can raise funds to help, search for Ayrshire Hospice on Facebook or take a look at ayrshirehospice.org.