A CUMNOCK couple have been reunited with a lost wedding ring – after more than 10 months of searching.

David McKinlay was devastated after losing his ring around September last year.

As well as signifying David’s 57 years of marriage to wife Fay, the ring also had added sentimental value for David – as his dad’s wedding ring is also melted into it.

At the time David wasn’t sure where he’d lost his ring, as he’d been around a few places in the area – including the Tesco store in Auchinleck and some shops in Cumnock – but he had a gut feeling that he’d lost it while playing at Dumfries House with his three great-granddaughters.

David returned there with his son Adam to have a good look for the ring, with no luck, and they reported the loss to the estate in the hope of having it returned or found.

David’s daughter, Anne McKinlay, put up a plea on Facebook on September 19 last year asking people to keep an eye out for her dad’s ring, and the post was shared almost 1,000 times by individuals and across a host of local group pages.

A £50 reward was also offered for anyone able to return the ring.

As time went on, however, the family slowly resigned themselves to the realisation that the ring might never be found.

But last Wednesday, July 22, Anne received a message from a woman saying she’d found a ring in the grounds of Dumfries House.

Emma Napier said she’d thrown a ball into a bush and had seen something shiny while retrieving it.

Remembering the post on Facebook, Emma contacted Anne straight away.

Speaking about her delight at Emma finding the ring, and the power of the community in helping out, Anne said: “Mum and dad have been married for 57 years and a are well thought after couple from Cumnock.

“There was a £50 reward for return of the ring but Emma refused to take it.

“We love a happy ending.

“This is a lovely story showing the power of Facebook.

“My dad was blown away and thankful for all the shares and kind messages.”

Emma told Anne: “I’m just pleased that we found it and able to return to the rightful owner .

“Your parents are lovely. My partner Shaun said seeing their delighted faces was just magic.”