CREW members at New Cumnock’s Community Fire Station have been taking part in important life-saving training.

The training involved throw lines, life jackets, and hose inflation which are vital parts of early intervention in water incidents, say fire chiefs.

A New Cumnock Community Fire Station spokesperson said: “Due to the increase in temperature and better weather, open water is always more occupied by members of the public.

“This can lead to unforeseen dangers. It is vitally important to be aware of your surroundings and always be prepared and only enter the water with the correct clothing and equipment.

“If anyone has any questions please get in contact with the page or your local fire station.

“Please also look on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website for water awareness information and safety tool kits.

“If anyone believes they could be of assistance and would like to get involved and help protect there local community, please get in touch for further information.”

In an emergency situation, always dial 999.