A surprise inspection at Crosshouse Hospital has “raised a number of concerns” around the standard of care being delivered.

Conducted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and taking place between May 3-5 with inspectors returning on May 24, the board observed issues such as staff shortages and overcrowding, with some patients being cared for in corridors.

Concerns were also raised regarding the management’s competence, as staff often felt unable to raise concerns due to a lack of support, and issues identified to management were left unseen to.

Additionally, it was noted that members of staff did not know how to safely evacuate patients during a fire alarm.

Head of service at Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Donna Maclean, said: “We identified that patient care needs were not always being met.

“At the time of inspection, University Hospital Crosshouse was experiencing a significant range of pressures associated with COVID-19, including increased hospital admissions, increased waiting times in emergency departments and reduced staff availability.

“We will return to NHS Ayrshire & Arran in the near future to carry out a further inspection based on our concerns.

“In order to prioritise the requirements from this inspection, an action plan has been developed by NHS Ayrshire & Arran.”

The statement also noted that staff displayed good teamwork and communication as well as a good relationship with patients.

Taking place on May 24, the additional inspection and resulting statement came as a follow-up to the initial inspection after concerns surrounding the level of care were raised.

You can view the full inspection report on Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s website.