AN AYRSHIRE MSP has blasted the SNP after failure to provide a laptop, Chromebook, or tablet to every school pupil in Scotland for use at school and at home.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Deputy First Minister John Swinney pledged in their 2021 manifesto to provide every school child with a device prior to parliamentary elections.

The Conservatives’ Sharon Dowey asked the Scottish Government about the number of devices distributed to East Ayrshire schoolchildren by March 2022, and was told that 11.3 per cent of school-aged pupils have received their digital device by March 2022 – 1,837 out of 16,223 pupils.

Ms Dowey said: “The SNP made a promise to East Ayrshire school pupils and they are nowhere near delivering on it. It’s typical SNP stuff when it’s election time. Nicola Sturgeon makes big promises she can’t keep.

“Given that this vow was at the centre of the SNP campaign, delivering devices to only 11.3 per cent of schoolchildren in East Ayrshire is a poor performance. Thousands more Ayrshire children may never receive their digital device as a result of the SNP’s actions.

“It’s been over a year of the SNP since May parliamentary elections and you don’t have to look far to see a trail of unfulfilled promises.

“All we see are broken promises, whether it’s free bikes for the poorest youngsters, free laptops or tablets for every child, or a plan to renovate every playpark.

“The SNP Government should up its game and speed up device distribution in East Ayrshire. Don’t let another pledge go to waste at the expense of East Ayrshire school pupils.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “By the end of this parliamentary term, the Scottish Government will provide funding to ensure that every school-aged child in Scotland has access to an appropriate digital device and connectivity to support their learning.

“Discussions with local government are under way to deliver this ambitious and key commitment.”