AN AUCHINLECK resident has expressed delight at council proposals to introduce speed bumps on a key route to and from the town.

Council proposals will see two new bumps installed along the B7036 Barony Road to curb the speed of motorists heading into Auchinleck from the West.

The first hump will be located just beyond the A76 bypass bridge, on the Ochiltree side, approximately 35 metres west of the extended western kerbline of Darnlaw Viewk.

A second hump will be located a few metres further along the road, approximately 113 metres west of the extended western kerbline.

Cumnock Chronicle: The proposed plansThe proposed plans

There’s no indication yet of when the new speed control measures might be installed, but any objections to the proposals for the two additional bumps must be submitted to roads bosses at by July 6.

An 81-year-old man and a 70-year-old woman both died while driving along the Barony Road in April, while two men lost their lives on the same stretch of road after a crash in 2019.

Margaret McClelland, who lives on Barony Road, said she believed the additional measures would help save the lives of pedestrians as well as drivers.

She told the Chronicle: “I really do think it will be a great thing.

“We already have the speed bumps further along the road, but that doesn’t stop some of the speedsters from coming flying into the town and under the bridge.

“The signs coming into Auchinleck from that side telling drivers to slow down are a complete waste of money, because next to none of the drivers actually pay attention to them.

“But putting these speed bumps in will mean they’ll have to slow down as well.

“When you’re pulling out of the junction from Darnlaw View, you’re terrified that someone is going to be speeding in from Ochiltree and smash into the side of you.

“These really could save somebody’s life.

“We’ve had enough crashes on this road and even some fatalities,so if these can even stop another one or two from happening, then they can only be a good thing.

“It’s not just the drivers that will benefit, but the people walking or those who take their dogs out will feel the benefits as well, because you have to run across the road sometimes because you can never tell what speed the cars are coming at.

“I never understand what good can come from speeding, especially along roads like this, but hopefully we’ll start to see less and less of that over the next few months.”

A plan showing full details of the proposals can be obtained on request by emailing