A POPULAR football vlogger has captured the great scenes at Rugby Park as Auchinleck Talbot won the Junior Cup for the fourteenth time.

Sam North, who runs popular YouTube channel Footy Adventures, has created a video showing the nerves and jubilation of local fans as they watched their side in the hope of another cup win.

Sam opens the video by saying: "The bunting and the flags are out all across the country this weekend for the Queen's Jubilee. But in Auchinleck, it's for a toally different reason...".

The video, titled "I SWEAR YOU'LL NEVER SEE MORE PASSIONATE FANS IN YOU LIFE", has over 16,000 views already since it was uploaded on the evening of June 5.

Sam then goes on to interview the fans, employees and players of the local club before taking to the stands with the loud and passionate Talbot fans as they soak in the joy of the cup final.


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