HEALTH workers in Cumnock are being subjected to “unacceptable” levels of abuse from members of the public.

Staff at the Tanyard Muirkirk Group say frontline workers are being left stressed, upset and anxious by the behaviour of “a few” patients – and have warned service users that those who abuse staff run the risk of being removed from the practice’s list of patients.

The situation was spelled out in a statement posted to the group’s Facebook page – where people were told that any complaints about the service should be raised through the group’s website.

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A spokesperson said: “We appreciate that the majority of our patients are kind and courteous towards our staff especially those at the front desk who are there to help you by answering the phones and attending to your needs in person, but recently we have become aware that a few are spoiling it for the many.

“The level of abuse has escalated to unacceptable levels and to the extent that our staff are becoming stressed, anxious and upset.

“We have a duty to protect our staff as well as our patients and behaviour like this will not be tolerated.

“We are concerned that if this continues staff may feel unable to come to work which will only make any frustrations you may have worse with a further depleted workforce.

“We would like to remind all patients we have a zero tolerance policy for the protection of those working within the practice and should this abuse continue those responsible may be removed from the practice list.

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“If you have a complaint, the appropriate way to raise this can be found on our website.

“It is not appropriate to shout, swear or hurl abuse at people in person, on the phone or via social media. Please remember that many of our team live as well as work in the area and deserve to feel safe and happy at work and at home.

“Thank you to all those who value our team as much as we do.”

Complaints about the service provided by the group, which is a collaboration of Cumnock Health Centre and the Muirkirk Clinic, can be raised at tanyardmuirkirkmedical