Catrine Show will return to the field this year – three years on from when the last event was held before the Covid pandemic.

The 133rd show, held this Saturday (May 7), will exhibit cattle, sheep, show classes, dog shows, baking, and much more. It is one of the oldest recorded village shows in the whole of Scotland.

Last year, the show took on a virtual form, with Covid restrictions still prohibiting in-person events.

A total of £750 was raised at the virtual event, which went towards the funding for this year’s special day.

Running from 10am until around 3pm, the show takes on a place for people of all ages to enjoy.

Show secretary, Julie Clark believes the success and longevity of the show comes from the special place it now holds in the community’s heart, as well as the flexibility for more than just farmers being able to enjoy the day now.

She said: “It really is brilliant to be back and I think that is a feeling shared throughout Catrine and beyond.

“We held a virtual type of the show last year, which was good for what were able to do back then, but it can never replace being there on the day, be able to physically see the animals, and even just being able to see people having fun and being able to chat with people face to face.

“It’s incredible to think that it’s been going for so long, over 100 years, and I think it’s only been things like the pandemic and the world wars that have actually stopped the show from going ahead.

“It’s amazing to think that something that just started out as a wee show in Catrine is now one of the oldest of its kind around.”

Julie is delighted with the hard work that has gone into this year’s show.

She added: “There’s usually around between 150 and 200 people that turn up. Maybe with it not being on the past couple of years then that figure might be a bit higher this year – you never know.

“I think part of the success, certainly over recent years, is the variety on what’s on show.

“It used to be a show purely for farmers and their families, but now it really is flexible for young kids and young adults, and really just anybody to enjoy.”

Tickets for the show are £3 for adults and £1 for kids.

More info is available on the Catrine Show Facebook page.