Cumnock author, Emma Christie, has signed a new book deal that will see her produce at least two more novels.

The newest releases will follow on from Emma’s recent hits ‘Find Her First’ and ‘The Silent Daughter’. The latter got Emma a longlist place for Scottish Crime Book of the Year, as well as being shortlisted for the Scottish Crime Debut Of The Year Award 2021.

Originally from Cumnock, but now living in Barcelona, Emma is delighted that her new deal can give her some much-needed security in her work.

She said: “Having worked so hard and having so many knock backs in the beginning, to now being able to have the security of having a two-book deal, something I’ve never had, is an amazing feeling and one I’m obviously very proud of.

“All it takes is that one person to believe in you and give you that chance, and when that come, you have to take it with both hands.”

Signing the new book deal with Welbeck Publishing Group, based in London, Emma’s novels will take her work up to the start of 2024, with her next book due to be released in March 2023.

Although remaining coy on the exact details of the books, Emma admits they will take on a similar format to her previous publications.

Emma added: “For book three, I’ve just finished the first draft, so I’ve now got about six months of editing ahead of me, so we can make any necessary changes between now and the autumn.

“Once I get book three out the way then I can properly focus on book four.

“It will be a sort of continuation of previous work. My first two books are based in Portobello in Edinburgh, and my next two are also going to be set there.

“The central characters will be different, but it will still be someone familiar and relatable.

“My first character was a news reporter, my second was a paramedic, and my third is about a bus driver, so we’ll see where book four takes us”.