A MAUCHLINE badminton star has been recognised for her incredible work in enhancing the profile and accessibility of Disability badminton.

A product of the late Mauchline Games Hall badminton club, Kaity Hall has involved with disability badminton for almost 15 years, and her work has seen her travel all across the world to enhance opportunities for people of all ages to get involved in the sport.

Her amazing work culminated in her being awarded the Badminton Europe Diversity Award at the BEC Gala Awards in Malta on Saturday, April 9.

She was nominated for the award in January for her many years of work with para-badminton athletes.

Having come through at Mauchline, Kaity was thrilled to win the award, but admits that job satisfaction is the most important part.

She said: “To be nominated with others who do so much amazing work and come on top of that is something to be proud of.

“They’re doing great work with women in sport and refugees, so their amazing work has to get a mention as well.

“Our work involves us going to some countries where they don’t even really know about badminton.

“We’ve now got a disability badminton charity set up, so it’s something that I’m really passionate about it.

“There’s been a couple of examples of going to do these courses and seeing people who haven’t played badminton before, and then you see them a few years later and they’re involved in clubs and tournaments and things like that.

“Hopefully an award like this can enhcance our visibility as well and we can introduce more people to badminton, either through a coaching or volunteering role, or through playing the sport.”