Over recent weeks, I have received countless emails from constituents extremely concerned about the war in Ukraine.

I share their horror at this situation and unreservedly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Along with my SNP colleagues in the Westminster and Scottish Parliament, I have been continually pressing the UK Government to do all it can to support Ukraine, and importantly, for the Government to waive visa requirements for Ukrainians seeking refuge.

Due to the Scottish Government’s ‘Super Sponsor’ scheme, those seeking refuge can now select ‘Scottish Government’ on the UK visa application site, which means they do not have to arrange an individual sponsor before coming to Scotland – they will help refugees do this once they are here.

This means they can provide immediate support

to those that need it.

If you can offer accommodation to a Ukrainian refugee or family, you can now register your interest through the UK ‘Homes for Ukraine’ site, where your details will then be shared with the Scottish Government so that they can organise appropriate matches. More here: https://homesforukraine.campaign.gov.uk/

Throughout March I was pleased to ask a number of oral and written parliamentary questions, including about the Ukrainian Refugee Sponsorship Scheme, the arms trade with Saudi Arabia, decarbonising transport and the Human Rights Bill.

In addition, I met with Brian May (of Queen) to offer my support for his campaign to ‘Save the Badgers’ and more generally, animal rights including the Ban on Trophy Hunting and a ‘Fur free Britain’

I was also delighted to be able to speak in the Paid Miscarriage Leave Debate in support of change to make paid miscarriage leave compulsory, at any stage of a pregnancy.

As the law stands, currently women who suffer a miscarriage before the 24th week of pregnancy are not entitled to paid miscarriage leave from their employer. I was also able to highlight the fact that, quite rightly, the focus is on women and their care at this time, but to also recognise the profound effect that such sad circumstances may have on the father or partner in the relationship.

On a last point, many will have seen the recent media reports that P&O Ferries have sacked hundreds of employees with only a few hours’ notice. This decision is utterly appalling.

The way they have treated their workers is disgraceful, which is why the SNP Westminster Group has recently written to the Chief Executive of the P&O Ferries, criticising the move, and asking that he reinstate all 800 workers who were wrongfully dismissed.

My SNP colleagues and I, in the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments, stand with these workers, and will do everything we can to challenge this dreadful treatment.

Take care and enjoy the spring sunshine.