The Community Asset Transfer of Catrine Games Hall to Catrine Games Hall (SCIO) has this week been approved by East Ayrshire Council cabinet.

Following a successful management agreement, the Catrine Games Hall SCIO submitted its application for a lease of the venue which has now been approved for the next 10 years with a rent of £1,000 per year.

An agreement has also been reached for the extension of the management agreement of the AM Brown Institute to Catrine Community Trust until March 31, 2023.

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The Institute is in need of significant funding to upgrade the building, and Vibrant Communities along with Catrine Community Trust initially engaged with East Ayrshire Leisure to consider how to progress with the refurbishment.

This work has now moved on to include the community action plan group and the community council with all parties working together to hold consultation events with the aim of finding out what the community’s aspirations are for the building and the wider village.

The management agreement extension will allow the consultation to take place and for a strong multi-partner strategy for the village to be formed.

The cabinet decisions are part of the council’s Community Asset Transfer framework which, since inception, has agreed 58 asset transfers in community ownership/operation throughout East Ayrshire.