Doon Academy pupils recently got dressed up and involved in a wonderful Football v Homophobia event to tackle stigmas in the game and in society as a whole.

More than 120 people took part in the day, with rainbow colours on show as a sign of their ongoing efforts to change people’s perceptions.

Doon Academy's Football v HomophobiaBrilliant

Doon Academy's Football v HomophobiaThe rainbow ball featured

The day was part of Doon Academy’s progress towards their LGBT Youth Scotland Silver Charter award.

The project, which will last between 12 and 18 months, will see the school ensure that they are as visible, helpful and supportive as they can be for pupils who are keen on discussing their sexuality.

Doon Academy's Football v HomophobiaRainbow umbrellas, too

Doon Academy's Football v HomophobiaPupils loved being involved

After the success of this particular footballing day, the school will plan to make it an annual event, taking place at the end of February every year, to celebrate LGBT history month.

Academy guidance teacher Steven Kelly said: “I’m so proud of everyone who took part and who helped out, and to everyone sent us a message of good luck and things like.

Doon Academy's Football v HomophobiaIt is planned to be an annual event

Doon Academy's Football v HomophobiaIt's all part of the school's journey

“It was a great day for everyone, but now we’re focused on continuing this journey as well as we can.”

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