A TEENAGER from London has guided Auchinleck Talbot all the way to the Champions League...virtually at least.

Jack Shaw, 19, was able to make the dream of every Bot fan come true - well, on the Football Manager video game anyway.

In the year 2031, Jack guided Auchinleck to an unbeaten Premier League season, finishing on 100 points, and securing that Champions League group stage spot.

A massive football fan, Jack said: "Football Manager, it’s my stress release, so it’s my favourite thing to do. If I’m not watching football in real life I’m playing Football Manager."

But for a Londoner, why Auchinleck?

Jack told the Chronicle: "I chose Auchinleck after they beat Hamilton in the cup this season; I love an underdog story, so it just felt right."

He also gave fans a bit of insight on what to expect as Tommy Sloan's men begin their on push up the leagues.

Jack said: "It was difficult getting into the [Scottish Professional] Football League but once I managed to get into League Two I breezed through the leagues as my team was Championship standard by then."

Unfortunately, Jack's Talbot team is now unrecognisable from that which runs out at Beechwood Park now, although he did let us know the last player he kept a hold of.

He said: "The last player I kept hold of was Craig McCracken, mainly because in my first 2 seasons he scored 10+ goals in each and scored the winning goal to get me promoted to League Two."

Looking ahead to next season, Jack will be looking to take his side even further, as they make their first venture into European football proper.

He commented: "Playing in Europe is going to be an experience. Having only ever got to the qualifying rounds before finishing top means I’m straight into the groups so I’m hoping for an easier draw but I guess I couldn’t be disappointed if I got a huge team in my group. European away days with Talbot."

So can we expect to see Jack in Auchinleck anytime soon?

He explained: "I'd love to eventually get up to Scotland and watch Talbot. Living in London makes it difficult unfortunately but it’s definitely something I’ll do one day."

He even parted with a bit of advice for current boss 'Tucker'.

He said: "The advice I’d give is to put the ball on Craig McCracken's head. He got me promoted so why can’t he do it in real life?"