A YOUNG couple say they’ve been thrilled to see dogs and their owners enjoying toys and treats they laid out in memory of their pooch on one of his favourite walks.

Jack Scott and fiancée Nadia’s cocker spaniel Murphy died suddenly last year, aged just 19 months, as a result of complications following a visit to a vet.

The couple have now laid out a box in the Dumfries House estate, one of their favourite places to take Murphy for a walk, featuring his picture, and a note encouraging other dog owners to give their pet a treat in Murphy’s memory while out on a stroll.

One of Murphy’s favourite walks was a lovely stroll through Dumfries House estate, where Jack and Nadia laid out a box with Murphy’s picture on it, and a note for any dog walkers to enjoy a treat in memory of the loving dog, who was only 19 months old when the couple sadly lost him.

Murphy loved his walks with his humans, and was always seen as loving every minute with them.

Jack said he hopes the box might bring some joy to other dogs in the area and their owners, and that the box and its contents could help Murphy’s memory live on.

He said: “You could walk Murphy anywhere in any weather and he would still be trotting along wagging his tail.

“Everyone that met him instantly loved him.

“He truly was the happiest dog we’ve ever known – we have no doubt he knew how loved he was.

“This was one of Murphy’s favourite walks. We used to take him down daily when we stayed close, then when we moved we would still take him whenever we were near.

“His other favourite walk was at the Dean Park in Kilmarnock, where we’ve put another identical box.

“We wanted to show our handsome wee boy off one last time on his walks.”

The couple, who previously stayed in Auchinleck, but now live in Kilmarnock, say they’ve been overwhelmed by seeing images on social media of other Ayrshire dogs and their owners enjoying the boxes of toys and treats they laid out in Murphy’s memory.

Jack continued: “We have been tagged in so many photos of other dogs with Murphy’s boxes on Facebook pages where people have shared what they have found, not knowing that he was ours.

“It’s been comforting that so many people have took the time to read about him and share a treat with their dog from him.”

Jack and Nadia have since brought home Murphy’s little sister Daisy to add to their family.

Before sadly losing Murphy, the couple had planned to bring home Murphy’s baby sister.

Despite the shock and overwhelming sadness of losing Murphy, Jack and Nadia brought home little Daisy last week, in what would be described as a bittersweet moment.