A MAUCHLINE art gallery has been providing tips on how people can deal with ongoing stress brought on by the pandemic.

The Many Thanks gallery and shop runs weekly art classes which prove to be therapeutic, friendly, inclusive and give a great sense of achievement.

Art is the focus on how they believe people can cope with the situation, speaking from their own experience.

Speaking about adapting since March 2020, art tutor Caroline Dempsey said: “It was a case of adapt or fold.

“With encouragement from my daughter I lifted my head up from the painting I was working on, and with her prompting me dived into the world of Zoom workshops.

“After letting those who had used to come along to my venues know I was still there for them to keep up the classes, we all learned how to traverse the Zoom world and found being together and painting helped to get us through.

“I put kits together with everything they needed in them and posted or hand delivered to them in time for our zoom dates.

“The Zoom is still running and the venues are back on too. With of course added precautions introduced. All having their own set of paints to come in to, along with mixing trays and easy wipe easels. So all good to keep moving forward.”

Classes have also been set up at Centre Stane in Mauchline which provides a bright, airy and immaculately clean environment for us all to feel safe and get to enjoy socialising and learning new skills.

If you would like to book into any of Many Thanks classes then please contact Carol on 07754757503.

Visit the Many Thanks Facebook page for more info.