A group of dedicated volunteers in an East Ayrshire village have received a special Christmas present as a token of thanks for all their hard work in 2021.

Last week, we told of how a team in Rankinston, dubbed locally as the ‘Food Fairies’, have been making sure the vulnerable and elderly are supported during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This primarily involves food provision but also holding social activities over the festive period such as a sold out pantomime for both adults and kids to enjoy.

Now, in a role reversal, it is the Food Fairies themselves who have been treated to some niceties, with community members presenting the kind-hearted lot with a variety gifts to show their appreciation.

A community member said: “Our Rankinston helpers have received their Christmas gifts from our fabulous village. It’s safe to says they were over the moon and we can keep a secret.

“You do an amazing job and we all would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”

Speaking to the Chronicle last week, the Food Fairies, who are made up of members from the Community Association and the Community Larder, said: “It’s like a mini shop but it’s all reduced prices. People can be vulnerable at different times for different reasons so it’s open to anyone in the village.”