Planners have refused a proposal for fencing at a residential development in Auchinleck.

The Viga Homes development site is on the south side of the town’s Main Street, immediately opposite the Railway Hotel, including the former Auchinleck Primary School site.

One of the conditions of planning permission granted in 2018 was that, prior to building work on the development beginning in earnest, the details of boundary and individual plot walls and fences would be submitted to the council for approval.

This was to include the fence adjacent to Network Rail’s boundary.
The fence was stipulated to be a trespass proof design that would be at least 1.8 metres high.

The developer was also required to provide details of how it would maintain and renew the wall in the future.

Another condition required a 2.4m fence with no gaps adjacent to the bus garage and bowling club to address noise issues.

However, the proposal submitted by the developer do not meet the conditions.

A report from East Ayrshire Council planners states: “The applicant is proposing a 1.8m high timber fence with an ornamental pollinator mix bed along the outside.

“This does not represent an acceptable decorative type fencing in these locations.”

The report says the developer was contacted by email and advised to revise their proposals, but that no response was received.

The report concluded: “Overall the boundary treatments submitted do not satisfactorily address all the criteria contained within the condition. The proposal cannot be supported in this instance.”

The application was submitted in September 2020, but was only decided last week.