A WOMAN from Mauchline is raising money for Ayrshire Hospice as a token of thanks for the “absolutely amazing” care they gave her mum during her battle with cancer.

Nancy Sowerby was a nurse who worked in Ballochmyle Hospital and East Ayrshire Community Hospital before retiring at 58.

In January this year, Nancy was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Sadly, in September, after putting up “a good fight”, she passed away, aged 71.

Cumnock Chronicle:

In the last months of her illness, Nancy was cared for night and day by Ayrshire Hospice district nurses - many of whom she had trained herself during her time on the ward.

Now, Nancy’s daughter, Lorraine Horden, 45, is hoping to donate at least £150 to the Hospice in honour of their work in making her mother calm and comfortable during an immensely difficult time.

Lorraine, who lives in England, said: “She went downhill quite rapid in September.

“My dad phoned me to say she had taken a bad turn and that the district nurses were coming to fit a syringe driver. Alarm bells started ringing. My grandma was in Nightingale House in Auchinleck and I missed her dying by four hours so I thought, I’m not missing my mum. I packed a suitcase and headed for Scotland.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“She put up a good fight, she was into her 11th day. It’s highly unusual that people get past four or five days on a syringe driver..

“The nurses came in the morning to do personal care so washing her down and giving her nightwear.

“On the morning she passed away, I put a call through to say they didn’t need to come but they did, just to say goodbye to her.

“I thought that was really nice.”

Lorraine added: “She said she wasn’t scared to go, she just didn’t want to be in pain.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“The nurses said, we’ve kept you as pain free as we can and we’re not going to let you suffer. There was no pain etched on her face when she died. They were looking after one of their own.”

A spokesperson for Ayrshire Hospice said: “It is only through support from Lorraine, and all our devoted fundraisers, that we are able to continue to provide exceptional care to our patients and their families.”

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