A YouTube sensation has released behind the scenes footage of Auchinleck Talbot's historic victory over Hamilton Academicals at the weekend.

The West of Scotland Football League side defeated their Scottish Championship opponents in the third round of the Scottish Cup at Beechwood Park, thanks to Graham Wilson's strike.

YouTuber Sam North captured the action from the stands, via his YouTube channel Footy Advertures, which has got over 51,000 subscribers.

In his videos, Sam travels to football stadiums the length and breadth of Britain to sample games at all levels.

On Saturday, Sam got fully immersed in the atmoshpere of the game, and even got involved with singing the famous Talbot anthem, Eeka Peeka Pukka Po.

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Yellow flares, some dodgy shouts and some absolute limbs at the end when Talbot take the lead were all included in the YouTube video.

After the match, Sam said: "I told you a giant killing could be on the cards, Hamilton are having a poor season, Auchinleck talbot are having a great season and it's getting even better for them.

"That was amazing, those fans!

Again, as I always say, a massive thank you. It's always the fans and the people that make these days incredible, especially up in Scotland where the fans are just so good.

"That was honestly, genuinely one of the best vlogs I've ever filmed".

You can see the video on Sam's YouTube channel here.