A GROUP who are opposed to energy from waste plant at the Killoch site near Ochiltree say they have entered into a “new phase” of the objection process.

Back in July, the ‘Say No To Waste Incinerator at Killoch’ group headed to the council’s headquarters to hand in 519 signed objection letters – with South Scotland Labour MSP Carol Mochan among those to express their distaste for the plans.

It comes from residents’ fears that the plant will result in a larger volume of HGV lorries passing through the village, leading to greater pollution levels and traffic issues.

Now, with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) just round the corner, it is expected that the plans for the energy recovery park will be heard at a meeting in December with the planning committee present plus all other council members.

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Group spokesperson Michael Howes said: “With COP26 coming up, incineration will be a topic at some point, as will what affect incinerators have on putting climate warming gases out into the atmosphere.

“The situation has moved into a new phase. Once the objections were in, we moved from demonstrating to lobbying everyone we can.

“What we’re focusing on now is the COP26 conference.

“We want to get together with other protest groups and demonstrate up in Glasgow if we can and try to get our cause publicised.”

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Sarah Moyes, Friends of the Earth campaigner, said: “Residents in Ochiltree are right to be worried about this new incinerator.

“By continuing to build incinerators, like the proposed plant at Ochiltree, we are being locked into decades of burning even more waste.”