A CUMNOCK charity committed to raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes has earned a cash boost of more than £400 thanks to a fun open day held at a nearby horse yard earlier this month.

Lochlan’s Legacy, headed up by schoolboy Lochlan Murdoch, aims to better people’s understanding of diabetes, particularly in football, by providing training to coaches and other senior staff involved in clubs across the country.

On Saturday, September 11, however, the charity saddled up for an open day hosted by Ian Duncan Racing in Coylton and made links with another sporting family – earning themselves a cool £470 in the process.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Lochlan’s mum, Lesley, explained: “It was absolutely fantastic. We’re hoping to have a good working relationship with the yard now. My niece, Lauren, works with the owners, Ian and Jenny, and they had been looking for a local charity to donate to so she suggested us.

“They are keen to work with us in future and are hoping to find us links within the racing community to Type 1 Diabetes, such as jockeys or yards who may have people living with the condition.

“We are currently developing our very own e learning programme which we’re going to launch as soon as possible. This will offer workshops to anyone requiring them. We primarily work in the sporting field but we’re not limiting ourselves to football anymore, it doesn’t even need to be sports related, it can be community related.

“Once people attend the workshop, they can do the e-learning as a follow up to enhance what they have already learned. Things are really looking up.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

Jenny added: “The open day was part of National Racehorse Week. Farms across the UK opened their doors to the public to let people see what we do and counter any bad publicity about horse racing. The girls don’t get enough recognition.They put in a lot of work.

“It was a team decision who we’d raise the money for. There’s been a lot of emphasis in recent years about jockeys’ mental health and their diet... and I didn’t realise that Ian had a jockey who rode for him 20 years ago who had his license taken off him in Ireland because he was diabetic. He campaigned and eventually got it back two years later.

“One of his first rides back was for my husband – who trains race horses – and he won.

“From mid-November, we’re going to continue raising money for the Night Before Christmas Campaign and also Lochlan’s Legacy.”