AN AUCHINLECK artist unveiled his latest work at the weekend – paying tribute to those who died in the horror attacks of 9/11.

Brian Carey took to Glasgow’s George Square on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks to present the artwork, which consisted of nearly 3,000 handmade crosses bearing the names of those who died in the Twin Towers on one side and on the other side, a name of someone killed in Afghanistan thereafter.

Brian’s piece struck a chord with many but particularly one woman whose friend tragically died on that fateful day.

Cumnock Chronicle:

He explained: “While doing the tribute in Glasgow, a lady approached me and asked if the work was for 9/11. I told her it was. Her eyes filled up as she told me she had lost a dear friend in one of the towers.

“It took the lady a little time to gain her composure and be able to ask me if her friend’s name was included and if I knew where it would be in my tribute. I told her that her friend’s name would definitely be included but I didn’t know where it would be. I asked her for her friend’s name and an email and said I would send her some images. She couldn’t praise the work enough and left wiping tears from her eyes.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

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