Staff at the Co-op in Dalmellington have completed their good deed for the month after donating more than £100 to the community council, which will be used to enhance horse-riding in the area.

The Co-op donated £180 through the Dalmellington Community Council to local woman Mrs Reid, who is responsible for caring for horses at a nearby farm and letting children ride and look after them.

The money will go towards new fences and hay to keep the horses active and well fed.

Co-op Member Pioneer, Gaela Hall, said: “Dalmellington Co-op has donated £180 to Dalmellington Community Council for Mrs Reid’s horses. I know that Mrs Reid, all the horse riders and the Co-op are delighted that such a good cause is recognised.

“Thank you everyone, and thank you Mrs Reid for doing such amazing work for the horses and the young horse riders and Lorraine for doing so much in our community.

“What a day, beautiful sunshine and four fab women smiling happily under the masks.”

She continued: “The Co-op gave money to Mrs Reid to help with costs from new fences for the jumps to hay for the horses. It is wonderful what Mrs Reid does for the horses – she looks after them and she lets local children learn to ride them and teaches them how to look after horses.

“The delight on the children’s faces is lovely and you can see how well looked after the horses are.”

Pictured in the photo above, from left to right, are Karen Heggie, Mrs Reid, Lorraine Mair and Gaela Hall.