New Cumnock residents are hoping to raise £1,000 to erect goalposts and eventually a swing park to give youngsters some fun and excitement when playing outside.

The fundraising bid was thought up after locals deemed there to be “absolutely nothing” for kids to do in their down time, and has been a community effort thus far despite being initially spearheaded by Lee Ferguson of the Upper Afton community Facebook group.

He explained: “I set up the group because there’s absolutely nothing for our weans to do. There’s Greenhead Park but a lot of our weans are too wee to go there alone. We actually counted over 40 weans playing in my street alone last year.

“Our street is Glenafton Drive. The plan is to get the group legit and get funding, hopefully through one of the many schemes in improving communities.

“High Park Avenue would be another perfect place for pitches. We’re just waiting on word from the council so we can place them in the ground.

“This is all just off our own back. We’re fed up seeing the place get worse instead of better.

“Within the next few weeks we will have them up, the grass cut and a pitch laid out for the weans.”